Risks Involved In Online Poker For Survival

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Online games have gained a resounding popularity across the world for being a beacon of light, for all the regular land-based gamblers looking for online version of these games. These gamers now got a sigh of relief to find their favorite games online too! There has been news about players winning hundreds and thousands of dollars in payouts, and gaining a global reputation of being a top player in the game. There are however, flaws and breakdowns in many ways, which might just dent a thinker to stay away from the game in terms of lifelong earnings. Alex Dreyfus, the well-famed CEO of Mediarex Sports & Entertainment explains in the following ways:


Livelihood Risks

Like any other hobby or likings, if taken on a very serious note, can be draining and exhaustive for the players, who will gradually lose interest on the subject. Poker is no stranger to this fact, as all online poker deals with people playing the game on online platforms for hours together. Most of the individuals do not have a penny iota of idea on what it takes to lead a life with the game and all the complications it will involve indiscriminately.

Initially, even for the expert level players, the first thing they require to have is utmost patience in dealing with the games. Playing the games for hours together will be tiring and patience of different levels is required. Undoubtedly, a professional knows the pain of dealing with the situations more than a part time gamer, who might have felt about the game on being a lucrative option for survival.

  • Sitting in front of a computer while playing the game, is as painful as working for an IT firm. Like, where a person requires hours together, discovering possibilities and working out solutions with different online tools. Thus, patience is utmost necessary for a win to come by, which will ensure earnings.


  • Gambling House Edge Factors: It is a common understanding in online casinos of the presence of a factor called as House Edge factors. These are pre-programmed and follow an algorithm driven factors, which commands the performance of games like no other. There are no casinos in the globe, which does not hold house edge factors; a medium where the casino earns a little amount of money to host the site online. This might work as a villain or a dent to the daily wage players, whose livelihood is all about winning the game.


  • Risk of Losing All: Online poker is a game, which never ever comes free by any means. The game involves systematic risks, which cannot be merely accounted for perpetual flow of money or in short, the players are always held for losing money. Gambling is the answer, what might make a person lose his/ her entire hard earnings with another side motivation of winning the entire earnings.


  • No Fixed Income: What some may look as a productive and systematic ways to earn a living, net income is the means, which sets up as a daily motivation for the players. The net income sometimes, includes employee level perquisites and benefits, which gives a fixed motivation and a disciplined ways of living. However, gambling does not have any future, in the sense it might’ just take a single bad day, which will drain out entire earnings and leave the player’s lives, cease to exist.


  • No time for family: Online Poker games, like any other gambling games, have their negativity spread in the family too. A person will not have enough time to spend with their loved ones, which might lead to some serious misunderstandings because of the game.What is worse is losing can result in the players losing interest over families, which is a factor that nobody will deny. Alex Dreyfus on Huffingtonpost, quotes on the negatives on risks of online poker.


  • Fatigue: Fatigue is an alarming issue, which is experienced by many players today. There is almost none in the world right now, who will not admit of being in some sort of stress or the other. Online Poker does no favors in the context and only adds a pile of stress and tension, especially for those players, who might see a losing streak of late.

Online Poker, for an instance does contain some sort of benefits, but all these are not suited for a person, who ponders on regular flow of fixed income for survival. Many may call it as a business, and unlike a business, the risks in the game in mountainous and even before starting the same, the entire cash flow can drain with ease. Thus, Alex Dreyfus safely concludes the final points and adds the players’ discretion, before they might lace up their boots for assuming a career in online poker games.

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