Top 5 Differences Between Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting

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Hosting needs largely vary from one individual to another or from one business to the other. Today, hosting services are available at a varied range of pricing to suit everyone’s need. However, there are two terms that we come across frequently while talking about these services, and they are ‘cloud hosting’ and ‘web hosting’. Now, no matter how much the terms seem similar to a layman, both have multiple differences that make them quite apart from each other. Both seem to deliver the same kind of results. In a digital era, when most people are looking for cloud hosting solutions to secure their vital data, let us have a look at the top five differences between the two popular terms.


Cloud hosting has a dependence on the cloud computing technology that is creating waves in the industry at present. It demands advanced knowledge in IT to provide a cloud hosting service whereas the web hosting has no such dependence on the new technology, and is relatively easier to offer as a service.


It is because of its increasing affordability that businesses are opting for cloud hosting. It let its users pay as per their usage of the resources and have the virtual hardware, which means no setup cost for businesses. Moreover, it offers scalability and allows entrepreneurs to scale their website as per the need. Both of the two incentives are non-existent in the web hosting service where you need to invest in the setup. In the case of a dedicated web hosting, you need to shell out, even more, money. However, there is also WordPress that allows web hosting at absolutely no cost.


Cloud hosting is a service that allows multiple machines to act as a single unified machine. For example, when you are availing a service of cloud hosting, your website is hosted using multiple servers from varied data centers across different locations. However, web hosting is a service that allows hosting a website or just a web page on the World Wide Web. So, both of them serve the same purpose but by different means.


In cloud hosting, a vast network of servers play a major role while in web hosting, it is mostly a single server. So, while large businesses with a massive amount of data to store and share prefer to use cloud hosting, web hosting is a darling of small businesses.


In cloud hosting, a website’s superlative performance is guaranteed because of an availability of unlimited resources. However, a web hosting service cannot guarantee the same and at peak traffic, its load time may witness a substantial drop.

Apart from the above major differences, one thing that sets them apart is, cloud hosting can support web hosting but the later cannot support cloud hosting. In spite of the differences, both will definitely continue in the near future. With the growing interest of entrepreneurs all over the world in cloud computing technology, cloud hosting looks more promising than ever before.

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