Website Development Task – Checked – What’s Next?

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Congratulations! The website development team has finally completed the task and the website is ready to launch. Any debut is a huge thing, so alongside with opening a Champagne bottle for some celebration, let’s consider what’s next. Building up the website is just the beginning. Because, as a matter of fact, the big work starts from now…Here are the first things that should be done after completing the web development project.

Open and set Google Analytics account

You may like the website – how it works and how it looks like – but the final estimation (and the most significant one) is for the visitors. And the most efficient way to get their opinion is by analyzing the website traffic. Google Analytic is the most popular, intuitive and budget-friendly tool for the purpose. Plus – it will tell you things like the destination from where your visitors land on your website, how much time they spend on it and even what each of them mostly like in your service portfolio.

Buckle down to SEO task

The web developers might have done great job, but who cares if no one sees it at all. If the website doesn’t appear on the first Google result page, then your website simply sucks – no matter how contemporary it is. SEO specialists have the tough task now to shoot the website on the first positions in the search engines. Attention: when this happens, don’t relax. SEO is not a one-time action. It’s a consistent process.

Create the first copywriting calendar

Websites shouldn’t be static, but dynamically changing platforms. And the easiest way to show that something is constantly going on is by updating its content. Whether you will make regular content changes or you will have a blog with daily articles, it’s a must to detain the customer’s interest. Plus – keep an average level of the content quality. It’s easier to lose rather than to earn a new client on the website.

And here come the triggers for the customer’s attention

On mandatory and on a regular basis the customers should be encouraged to interact with your website. Good website administrators let them leave feedback (and the best administrators remind them to leave some). If you succeed in making the visitors to create unique content directly in the website you put it on a completely new, higher level. You turn the website into a place they often visit and meet to collaborate with the rest customers.

Invite authorities in your website environment

This goes beyond the web site creation strategy you follow and it’s more like a marketing strategy, but by all means it will bring fundamental reputation increase. Asking influencers to work with you or gaining professional experts’ opinion about your products or services are great options that should not be underestimated.

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