What People Have In Mind Before Posting Facebook Covers?

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While scrolling through a person’s profile of Facebook, what do you check out? Of course, his photographs and his friend’s list are the things that would strike you the most. You would come across his Timeline photos and then find his stock of Cover photos. Usually, these cover photos are visible to the public and so people do not give their personal photographs here. Rather, most of the people prefer to use this cover photo area as a wall where they can put up their artwork or graffiti. This is what makes Facebook covers very unique.

Factors behind the cover images on Facebook

People generally have many reasons for choosing their most favorite photograph for the cover. There are people who do not have any qualms in putting up their family photographs on these covers. But those who know the cover photograph sizing and visibility would rather pick the most suitable image and use it accordingly.

People are very selective when it comes to putting up suitable Facebook cover images. Here are few things they consider while putting up these images:

  • Favorite icon: From Michael Jackson, to Madonna, from Eminem, to Rihanna, there are music lovers who love to put up these icons on their covers.
  • Favorite quotes: If some valuable life lesson has changed their life for the best, then people try to use these in image form on Facebook cover. This reflects a lot about the way these people try to implement the ideologies in their life too.
  • Favorite cartoon shows or television shows: From the Road Runner Show, to the Dexter’s Laboratory, there are people who love these images a lot. So, here is what they do. They simply put up a funny image from these shows to show their undying love for these cartoon shows. Even popular television shows like Game of Thrones, or Sherlock, find place as covers.
  • Current mental state: Though many people might deny, but there are people who put up the quotes or images that they are feeling right now. So, whether it is getting new friends, or new love, or losing someone dear, or even starting a family, images relating to these moments also find place in covers.
  • Festivals: Whether it is Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or New Year, people do not miss out a chance to deck up their social media handle with as much festivity as ever. This is something of a serious phase in life for them and so, they make sure to put up all the festoons out and bring in the season’s cheer.

Why are these covers so popular?

Many people use downloaded images from Google, but for Facebook covers, one would have to rely on Colorfully site. The site has many covers with the apt size that you would not even have to resize for posting. Additionally, these images are free and still their quality is very high for the people to simply pick and post on their Facebook profile to suit their mood and state of mind.

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