Top 5 Technologies To Make It Big In 2017

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The kind of technology available today is just amazing. An abundance of information is possible to retrieve within a few seconds by using any of the multiple devices that we have now. There is something new each year and this respect as the year 2016 is ready to bid us a goodbye, it is worthwhile to explore the top five technologies that have the potential to make it big in the coming year. So, let us have a look below.

  1. IoT

There has been a lot of buzz around IoT, i.e. Internet of Things. Speculations are ripe that soon there will be interconnected devices starting from your home appliances to your electronic gadgets. Homes will become connected and smarter than ever before. With big companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon getting involved in IoT, it is likely that the world will witness some major advancement in this technology in 2017. IoT will not only revolutionize industries like transportation and healthcare but will bring a sea change in the way we perceive our cities.

  1. Augmented Reality

‘Pokemon Go’ makes the mobile users crazy all over the world. The notorious game is a classic example of the augmented reality technology that may have a profound presence in the coming year. The technology is not a new one. It has been in existence since the twentieth century. However, some biggies have started investment into his technology. For example, Google and Samsung have already plunged into the field of augmented reality.

  1. Virtual Reality

To feel that you are in a virtual world by using a headgear or a pair of glasses with your smartphone will be a new rage. Some people are already enjoying the technology with the help of Samsung Gear VR, Google Earth VR, and Google Cardboard. With more companies embracing virtual reality to give an immersive experience to their customers, the future of virtual reality is exceptionally bright.

  1. 3D Printer

The revolutionary technology has already created waves in the manufacturing industry with its ability to print three-dimensional objects. The adoption rate of the technology by other industries is also growing significantly. Didn’t you have heard about 3d-printed selfies? Many jewelry manufacturers are already making use of the incredible technology to print three-dimensional key chains and pendants as per the customer order. The best part is soon the technology will be available in the form of compact 3D printers that you can use in your home at an affordable cost.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The technology has made a significant advance in the current year with cars that can drive automatically and can even park themselves to robots that can play the role of a customer assistant in retail shops. Even in your home, you can now afford a digital assistant because of this AI technology. The CRM Industry has already started eyeing the technology to drive their sales.

It is true that technologies are evolving at a rapid speed, but the above technologies are most likely to make a powerful impact in the next year.

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