Quilting Beginner’s Sewing Machine Guide

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Yes, every person who knows to sew yearns to do quilting. Especially those artistic brains will undoubtedly learn to quilt. However, the confusion arises when they plan to buy a sewing machine but do not know which machine can help them be more creative with quilting.


Have a look at the guidelines given by elreviews.com for selecting the right machine to handle all your quilting needs.


Quick Understanding Of Need For Quilting Sewing Machine

Even though all sewing machines can do quilting, the dedicated quilting sewing machine will have a broader table. It allows for personalization by changing the stitch mixes, font choice and much more. Best sewing machine for quilting beginner helps the new user to thread quickly. Also, the thread tension is compelling. Now, you knew why there is a need for an expensive quilting machine.


Top 3 Sewing Machine Used By Beginners For Quilting


  1. Brother Brand – Model XR9500PRW



 It can handle both complicated and simple jobs.

  • It allows users to set it up quickly and use it.
  • It can stitch thick materials.
  • Numerous stitching choices are available.
  • Expansion table supports the beginner to handle the stitching in a better way.



  • It offers seven presser feet- Button fitting, blindstitch, buttonhole, zipper, monogramming, overcasting and zigzag foot.
  • Expandable table, hardcover, and foot control
  • Ball point and twin needle
  • Cleaning brush, four bobbins, and seam ripper
  • Also it includes DVD that explains the working of the machine


Twenty-five years of guarantee is offered.


  1. Brand SINGER and Model 7469Q

This model is the best regarding free motion quilting feature. Apart from being an excellent machine for quilting, it is also used as an effective teaching machine.



  • Its thread guide makes it simple in using.
  • The benchmark stitch guides are accessible below the panel.
  • It offers easy browsing touchpads.
  • The model includes 98 quilting stitches, which users can memorize

For the first-time quilting sewing machine buyer and for the professional sewer, both can buy Singer for having a smooth experience.


  1. Brother Brand – Model PQ1500SL

For your large-scale quilting needs, you must go for this model. It also correctly handles issue materials. It is industrial, affordable, and still mobile as well. You will be surprised that it helps you to put up to 1500 stitches within one minute.



  • The pin feeding mechanism is adjustable.
  • Four feed dog setting that allows maximum control over the material.
  • It has a knee lifter.
  • Its bed-expansion table helps in quilting.
  • The model offers quick thread cutter, and FAST needle threading features are the highlight of this model.

Over this, brand has a free motion, high-speed, can handle large-scale work, and affordable.



Never assumes that quilting is a granny job. Everyone can do quilting with these machines available in the market. You can learn quickly to use these machines and continue as a hobby or make it a business to make money. Embroidery business will flourish across the year and especially during the festivals. Have fun with your favorite quit sewing machine!

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