What is the Gambler’s fallacy in betting? How do I avoid it?

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If you’ve been gambling or betting, then you might be aware of the term ‘Gambler’s Fallacy or the Monte Carlo Fallacy. What is it anyway? It is the belief that something is more likely or less likely to happen based on a series of previous events that, in themselves, were entirely random. The fallacy in Read More

Risks Involved In Online Poker For Survival

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Online games have gained a resounding popularity across the world for being a beacon of light, for all the regular land-based gamblers looking for online version of these games. These gamers now got a sigh of relief to find their favorite games online too! There has been news about players winning hundreds and thousands of Read More

Present Scenario Of Bitcoin Investment

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Bitcoin Investment Move over paper money, this is the age of bitcoins. Bitcoin is a payment system powered by cryptocurrency and it is decentralized. It is globally recognized and is safe digital money, which has caught the attention of buyers, sellers and investors. If you want to join the bandwagon, most probably you are thinking Read More